Monthly 「月次」(Nihonga with Aluminum and Japanese Ink on Washi Paper) 212 x 73 cm 2021

In Japanese companies, there are these “Monthly Meetings”. People from sales come from around the country to find themselves in the same strangely furnished, and yet colorless room every month. The most important part of the meetings is that you, and the other representatives from each team, are present. This does not refer however to the state of mind (or even consciousness).The items on the agenda in these meetings are always pre-determined, and you have to respond with your pre-prepared answers, when the host asks you his questions.However when the host is not talking to someone, they are often tapping away at their laptop, leaving the room to take, or make, phone calls, having a coffee, or even having a snooze…I’m sure everyone is actually paying the utmost attention to what is going on.