New Paintings to be Displayed in Bigakkō Out of Range Exhibition, Tokyo (20/05-22/05 2022)

Approaching the end of a second year attending Majima Hidenori’s Japanese Painting (Nihonga) course at Bigakkō Tokyo, I will be exhibiting a number of new paintings in a group exhibition with 5 other artists.

The exhibition, titled “Out of Range”, will examine the concept of the journey from the perspective of a post-COVID Japan.

For some people the pandemic has been a journey of discovering that actually they can enjoy their lives more in their immediate environments, working from home, than constantly traveling to and fro.

For many, simply leaving the house has become a greater trip mentally than it ever has been, and virtual travel, via a laptop camera or sleeping dream, has become ever more vivid and commonplace.

Painting in itself is, in its own way, also a journey into new creation.

When restrictions have lifted, or when they have had the courage to travel, people have also tried to find places where they won’t have to come close to strangers.

The artworks in this exhibition will explore this new phase of our condition.

Marking the 10th year of Majima Hidenori’s Nihonga Course, I will be hosting a discussion on the third day of the exhibition in Japanese about the journey its participants have taken into transforming their modes of expression using traditional Japanese painting techniques.

Exhibition Dates (2022):

20/05 11:00〜20:00  

21/05 11:00〜19:00

22/05 11:00〜17:00

Location: Bigakkō Studio Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Nishikanda, 2 Chome 〒101-0065

Exhibiting Artists: Stefan Balanescu, Minase Kakei, Ayako Kiriyama, Kudo Moeko, Tomoyo Funayama, Taeko Motoyama

Exhibition Home Page:

Panel Discussion

Japanese Painting at Bigakkō Tokyo: a 10 Year Journey (and Counting)

A discussion between the three Bigakkō Japanese Painting class lecturers and host Stefan Balanescu about the history of Japanese Painting at Bigakkō so far, and their various experiences teaching at the school.

Speakers: Majima Hidenori, Koganezawa Satoshi, Goto Shusei

Date: 22/05/2022

Time: 17:00-18:30

Place: Bigakkō  Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Jinbocho, 2 Chome−20 〒101-0051